EA Sports WRC: A New Rally Game Experience


Rally racing games have always offered a unique and thrilling experience for gamers, and EA Sports WRC is no exception. Developed by Codemasters, this game brings the official World Rally Championship (WRC) license to life, delivering the ultimate rally racing adventure. In this article, we will delve into the exciting features, gameplay, and overall impressions of EA Sports WRC.Your next favourite rally game – hands-on with EA SPORTS WRC


Madness on Wheels


Unlike traditional racing games that take place on wide, paved tracks, EA Sports WRC takes players on a heart-pounding journey through narrow, winding rally stages. From dense forests to snow-covered plains, each terrain presents its own challenges and requires a distinct driving style. Codemasters has done an excellent job capturing the essence of rally racing, providing players with an adrenaline-fueled experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats.


While the game excels on various surfaces like gravel, mud, ice, and snow, the driving experience on asphalt falls slightly short. The control and predictability on asphalt tracks could be improved, leaving room for refinement in future updates. Nonetheless, the overall gameplay delivers the thrill and intensity that rally enthusiasts crave.


“Just like in a real rally, there are long, narrow and winding sections – with everything from trees and rocks to fences and fence-less cliffs doing their best to stop your journey to the checkered flag.” – Codemasters


Difficult, Hard, and Fair


EA Sports WRC offers a challenging gameplay experience, requiring players to navigate treacherous rally stages while maintaining composure and minimizing mistakes. Although securing first place is not impossible, it demands precision and a cool-headed approach. Even at the normal difficulty level, a momentary lapse of attention can result in a major setback. Rally racing is unforgiving, and one small mistake can ruin the chances of a top position or even finishing the race.


Regardless of the difficulty level, every rally stage demands the utmost focus. A single second of inattention can lead to a disastrous crash, leaving players with a completely wrecked car and a hefty repair bill. Unlike other racing games, EA Sports WRC does not offer the luxury of rewinding mistakes. Instead, players must start from scratch and strive for perfection. It’s a tough challenge, but one that is fair and rewarding.


“Because regardless of the level of difficulty, it only takes a second of inattention and a small mistake to throw away the chance of a top position. Or the chance of a final position at all.” – CodemastersWe're really proud of what we achieved with it": EA Sports WRC's Creative  Director on their latest racing title, inspirations, and more (Exclusive)


An Extensive List of Game Modes


EA Sports WRC boasts a wide range of game modes and options to keep players engaged and entertained. Alongside the expected modes like career, speed races, and time trials, the game offers some unique and exciting features.


One such feature is “Moments,” which provides special challenges based on both fictional and real-life races and events from past WRC seasons. This mode adds an extra layer of excitement and variety to the gameplay experience. Additionally, “Clubs” mode offers the opportunity to create customized asynchronous online competitions, allowing players to compete against friends and other rally enthusiasts.


Furthermore, EA Sports WRC introduces the “Builder” option, where players can customize their cars by determining their physical appearance, parts, and colors. This level of customization adds a personal touch to the game, allowing players to showcase their unique style on the rally stages.


“In the menus, you’ll find the expected game modes, such as a career mode, speed races, time trials, and a helpful driving school — but also a few more exciting options.” – Codemasters


A Flawed Career Mode


While EA Sports WRC offers an extensive list of game modes, the career mode leaves something to be desired. Codemasters attempted to incorporate various elements outside of driving, such as purchasing and racing cars from different rally classes, managing sponsors, hiring staff, and training a co-driver. However, the execution of these elements feels both messy and limited.


The career mode’s menus can be unnecessarily complicated, making it difficult for players to fully engage with the non-driving aspects of the game. Despite the presence of really fun rallies, the career mode fails to provide a satisfying sense of progression and consequence. Players may find themselves going through the motions without feeling a meaningful impact on their overall experience.


“I never feel that what I do actually has any consequences. The career just rolls on with unnecessarily complicated menus — and really fun rallies.” – Codemasters


Graphics and Technical Issues


At the game’s release, EA Sports WRC suffered from several technical issues, particularly in the graphics department. However, Codemasters has been actively addressing these problems through patches, ensuring a smoother and more visually appealing gameplay experience. It is encouraging to see the developer’s commitment to improving the game’s performance and ironing out any remaining flaws.


Players who prioritize a high-quality image update may want to wait for further updates to ensure a near-perfect visual experience. However, for those who value gameplay and realism above graphical perfection, EA Sports WRC offers a genuinely enjoyable rally racing experience.EA SPORTS WRC - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW




While EA Sports WRC may have its flaws, it is undeniably a promising addition to the rally racing genre. Codemasters has successfully captured the essence of rally racing, delivering a challenging and immersive gameplay experience. With its extensive list of game modes, unique features, and commitment to resolving technical issues, EA Sports WRC offers rally enthusiasts a thrilling adventure on the virtual rally stages.


Whether you’re a seasoned rally racing fan or a newcomer to the genre, EA Sports WRC is a game that will test your skills, push your limits, and provide countless hours of excitement. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with heart-stopping moments, intense competition, and the unparalleled thrill of rally racing.


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