Google Calls for Antitrust Action Against Microsoft in the UK Cloud Market


Cloud computing has become an integral part of the modern business landscape, providing companies with scalable and flexible solutions for their data storage and processing needs. In the UK, the dominance of Microsoft and Amazon in the cloud computing industry has raised concerns about competition and market power. Google, as a major player in the cloud services market, has called on Britain’s antitrust regulator, the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority), to take action against Microsoft, accusing the company of unfair business practices that disadvantage its rivals. This article delves into the details of Google’s allegations, the current state of the UK cloud computing market, and the implications of the ongoing investigation.


The Dominance of Amazon and Microsoft in the UK Cloud Computing Market

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According to a referral from media regulator Ofcom, the CMA launched an investigation into the UK’s cloud computing industry in October. The referral highlighted the dominance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft’s Azure, which together held a combined market share of 70-80% in the country’s public cloud infrastructure services market in 2022. In comparison, Google’s cloud division held a much smaller share of around 5-10%. The substantial market power of AWS and Azure has raised concerns about fair competition and the potential stifling of innovation in the industry.


Google’s Allegations Against Microsoft

Google Pushes for Antitrust Action Against Microsoft in UK Cloud Market

In a letter submitted to the CMA, Google accused Microsoft of engaging in licensing practices that unfairly discouraged customers from using competitor services. Google claimed that Microsoft’s licensing restrictions left UK customers with no economically reasonable alternative but to use Azure as their cloud services provider, even if they preferred the prices, quality, security, innovations, and features offered by rivals. According to Google, these practices directly harm customers and act as a significant barrier to competition in the UK cloud computing market.


Impact on Customers and Competition


Google argued that Microsoft’s licensing practices harm customers by limiting their freedom to choose cloud service providers based on their specific needs and preferences. Customers may be forced to use Azure even when other providers offer better solutions. This lack of choice can hinder innovation and investment in the market, as customers’ ability to explore different cloud providers is limited. Google emphasized the importance of a multi-cloud approach, where customers can easily move between providers, encouraging healthy competition and driving innovation in the industry. However, Microsoft’s licensing restrictions impede such flexibility and potentially lead to a reduction in the number of cloud providers.


Microsoft’s Response and Efforts to Address Concerns


Microsoft has made efforts to address concerns regarding its licensing practices. Last year, the company updated its licensing rules to promote competition and address anticompetitive risks. However, Google and other rivals were not satisfied with the changes. A Microsoft spokesperson stated that the company had collaborated with independent cloud providers to offer more opportunities and that over 100 providers worldwide had taken advantage of these changes. The spokesperson also highlighted the healthy competition between cloud hyperscalers, with Microsoft and Google making small gains on AWS in the second quarter of 2023. Microsoft emphasized that AWS consumers did not face the same restrictions, and any issues regarding cloud interoperability could be resolved through discussions among providers.


Google urges CMA to act against Microsoft for anti-competitiveness


In its letter to the CMA, Google made several recommendations to address the alleged anticompetitive behavior of Microsoft. These recommendations aimed to improve interoperability for customers using Azure alongside other cloud services and to ensure that Microsoft does not withhold security updates from customers who switch providers. Google called for stricter regulations to prevent unfair practices that hinder competition and innovation in the UK cloud computing market. The CMA will consider these recommendations and the evidence presented by Google as part of its investigation.


The Importance of a Competitive Cloud Computing Market

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A competitive cloud computing market is crucial for fostering innovation, driving investment, and providing customers with a range of options to meet their specific needs. When customers have the freedom to choose from multiple cloud service providers, they can select the best solutions based on factors such as price, quality, security, and features. This competition encourages providers to continuously improve their offerings and innovate to stay ahead. However, when a small number of dominant players exert significant control over the market, it can limit customer choice, stifle innovation, and potentially lead to higher prices.


The CMA Investigation and Its Implications


The CMA’s investigation into the UK cloud computing market will shed light on the allegations made by Google against Microsoft. The regulatory authority will assess whether Microsoft’s licensing practices indeed create unfair advantages and hinder competition. If the CMA determines that anticompetitive behavior exists, it may require Microsoft to make changes to its licensing terms and take actions that promote a more level playing field for all cloud service providers. The outcome of the investigation will have far-reaching implications for the UK cloud computing market, potentially shaping the future landscape of competition and innovation in the industry.




Google’s call for antitrust action against Microsoft in the UK cloud market highlights the concerns surrounding the dominance of major players like Microsoft and Amazon. The investigation by the CMA will examine the alleged unfair business practices and their impact on competition and customer choice. A competitive cloud computing market is essential for driving innovation and providing customers with a range of options. The outcome of the investigation will shape the future of the UK cloud computing industry, potentially paving the way for a more level playing field and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of cloud service providers.

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