Paris Hilton Welcomes her Second Child: The Unusual Name and Meaning



Paris Hilton, the renowned DJ and heiress, has recently shared exciting news with her followers on Instagram. She and her husband, Carter Reum, have welcomed their second child into the world. Following the birth of their first child, Phoenix Barron, in January of this year, Hilton took to social media to announce the arrival of their newborn daughter, London. With a penchant for unique and meaningful names, Hilton’s choice for her children reflects her thoughtful approach to parenting. In this article, we will delve into the significance behind the names Phoenix Barron and London, and the heartfelt reasons behind Hilton’s choices.

Phoenix Barron: The Symbol of Resilience

Paris Hilton First Photos of Baby Son Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum

When it came to naming her first child, Phoenix Barron, Hilton had a clear vision in mind. In an episode of her podcast, This Is Paris, she expressed her desire for her son to grow up understanding the cyclical nature of life, where disaster and triumph coexist. The name “Phoenix” holds a powerful symbolism, representing a bird that rises from the ashes to fly again. This concept resonated deeply with Hilton, who believes that adversity and triumph shape our lives and offer hope for the future. By incorporating the name “Phoenix” into her son’s identity, Hilton aims to instill resilience and a positive outlook on life.

Furthermore, Hilton chose to honor her late grandfather, a revered hotel magnate and philanthropist, by including his name in her son’s full name. Barron was not only Hilton’s mentor but also her source of inspiration and guidance. The bond they shared was undeniably special, making it all the more significant for Hilton to incorporate his name into her son’s name. Through the name “Phoenix Barron,” Hilton pays tribute to her late grandfather while imparting invaluable life lessons to her son.

London: A Name Rooted in Personal Significance

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum's Relationship Timeline

In a previous interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2022, Hilton had already expressed her desire to have a daughter named London. Her wish has now come true with the birth of her second child. The name “London Marilyn Hilton Reum” carries multiple layers of significance for Hilton. By naming her daughter “London,” Hilton continues her trend of selecting names associated with iconic cities. However, her reasoning goes beyond mere aesthetics. Hilton believes that the names Paris and London sound adorable together, showcasing her affection for both cities and her desire for her children’s names to harmonize.

Additionally, Hilton chose to include her grandmother’s name, Marilyn, in her daughter’s full name. This choice serves as a tribute to her grandmother, honoring her memory and the impact she had on Hilton’s life. By combining family ties and her love for the city of London, Hilton has created a name that holds deep personal meaning for her and her daughter.


Paris Hilton and Carter Reum's Relationship Timeline

Paris Hilton’s recent announcement of the birth of her second child, London, has garnered attention and curiosity. Hilton’s deliberate and thoughtful approach to naming her children shines through with the names Phoenix Barron and London. Each name carries a unique significance, reflecting Hilton’s desire to instill resilience and honor her family members. The names not only sound aesthetically pleasing but also hold deep personal meaning for Hilton and her growing family. As Hilton continues her journey into motherhood, her children’s names will serve as reminders of the values she hopes to impart and the love she shares with her husband, Carter Reum.

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