Review: Work Louder Creator Board – The Ultimate Customizable Keyboard


In the world of keyboards, customization is key. And when it comes to a fully customizable keyboard, the Work Louder Creator Board stands out from the crowd. Designed for multimedia editing enthusiasts, this keyboard offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality. In this review, we’ll delve into the features, pros, and cons of the Creator Board, and determine if it’s the right keyboard for you.It's BEAUTIFUL but it's not for me - WorkLouder Creator Board - YouTube


A Unique Keycap Solution


One of the first things that sets the Creator Board apart is its unique keycap solution. The width of a keycap is typically measured in “u,” with standard keys being “1u” in width. However, the spacebar on the Creator Board is a 2u key, which can cause some challenges in terms of comfort and accuracy.


To address this, the reviewer of Work Louder’s Creator Board replaced the 2u spacebar keycap with a 1u key, creating 0.5u gaps on either side. While this doesn’t fix the issue entirely, it does make it easier for the thumb to find the correct position on the keyboard. Despite this innovative solution, Work Louder is considering adding a stabilizer to the spacebar key in future versions, which would eliminate this issue altogether.


Unleashing Customizability with VIA


What truly sets the Creator Board apart is its unrivaled customizability. Out of the box, the keyboard comes preinstalled with a generic 40 percent layout, but the real magic happens when you use VIA, one of the most powerful keyboard customization tools available today.


With VIA, the possibilities are endless. Want to add a second mode that transforms all your keys into shortcuts? Need to scroll through brush sizes using a dial? How about setting a key to automatically apply your favorite Adobe Lightroom preset? As long as the command can be quantified as a series of consistent mouse movements and key presses, VIA allows you to do it.


The reviewer highlights some everyday uses for the dials, including zooming in and out, swapping between windows, and adjusting system volume. What’s impressive is that you can have multiple dials mapped to different functions simultaneously. While the Creator Board currently offers a range of modules, such as audio production, Work Louder has hinted at the possibility of adding even more modules in the future.


Purpose-Built Design and Limitations


While the Creator Board excels in its purpose as a multimedia editing tool, it does have some limitations. The absence of a number row can make number-heavy typing a cumbersome experience. Additionally, the limited design may not cater to gamers who require specialized keys and functionalities. As a result, it’s recommended to have a secondary keyboard on hand for tasks that the Creator Board may not be optimized for.Work Louder Creator Board Review: An Ortholinear Keyboard | WIRED


The Elephant in the Room: The Price


There’s no denying that the Creator Board comes with a hefty price tag. The base version starts at $259, and with additional add-ons, the price can go up to $409. Opting for the XL version, which includes a number pad, will set you back $559. While the price may deter some, it’s important to consider the unique features and customization capabilities that the Creator Board offers.


Is the Creator Board Right for You?


If you’re an enthusiast who craves customization and demands a keyboard that can be tailored to your specific needs, the Work Louder Creator Board is a top contender. Its versatility, VIA customization tool, and modular design make it a standout choice for multimedia editing tasks. However, if you require a traditional layout with a number row or gaming-specific features, the Creator Board may not be the ideal choice.


Ultimately, the decision comes down to your specific use case and budget. If the Creator Board aligns with your requirements and you appreciate its design philosophy, it’s a keyboard that can truly elevate your multimedia editing experience.Work Louder | Modular keyboards for digital creators | 60% keyboard  ortholinear keyboard ortho keyboard




In a market saturated with keyboards, the Work Louder Creator Board offers a refreshing take on customization. Its unique keycap solution, unrivaled customizability with VIA, and purpose-built design make it a compelling choice for multimedia editing enthusiasts. While it may not be the perfect fit for everyone, its niche functionality and attention to detail set it apart from the competition. If you’re in search of a keyboard that can be tailored to your needs, the Work Louder Creator Board is worth considering.


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